Garden Table - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Garden Table – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! In today's space we will learn how to make a great garden table, with a very simple and practical design as to put four legs.

We know that you love recycling and that is why we bring these nice ideas that can help us more than one of us.

To decorate your garden or part of it we can make a nice table, in the color we want, using a couple of very simple elements.

To enjoy your open spaces, while the heat lasts, here we leave you this fantastic table of avant-garde design, modern, vintage and above all economic.

As an idea for this year, for next year or when you want, we bring you this nice option that we can use very well as an auxiliary table, in a quite practical way.

You will see how simple to make and what will help us to put some drinks, a light, magazines … and everything you need.

To make it, we will only need a box of fruits, from these markets, like a small pallet .. of the dimensions you need ..

This is very easy to find, next to the markets there are many and if it is not enough to ask you will see how many they have left over. Now we only need four legs to hold it as a table.

These legs can take them from some furniture that we have and do not use or simply take four pieces of wood and cut them wherever we want .. or maybe the legs of an old chair or buy them ..

Once we have all this .. it is enough with good color, well screw the legs to the fruit box. As we have finished, just clean the furniture and sand it. We can do it by hand or by machine .. but yours is to sand it well and then clean it.

This way it will be ready to be painted … if you see that the wood is very porous you can paint and then apply a sealing layer … or vice versa … finally varnish so that we can put the table on the outside and last longer.

Paint it in blue, red, yellow, green or a mixture of the colors you like most … we can even make a great design and so we have our auxiliary garden table.

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