Gardening. Recycle your Bottles - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Gardening. Recycle your Bottles – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we will love to teach you how to use glass bottles as a flower pots or planters.

It is a great way to save, recycle and reuse the glass bottles granting them, in this case, another completely different function and thus extending their life.

If you like plants and want to decorate your home with them, nothing better than giving a touch of color and creativity to all your corners .. for example for the window.

Both for people who do not have a garden, as for those who love the decoration with flowers and take them from those who cultivate, today we leave you this fantastic proposal that we hope will serve as an inspiration.

In addition this idea will not only make us recycle and add a touch of originality to our rooms, but also the plants will water themselves .. perfect for people with too many occupations or too forgetful ..

If you don't want to find your withered plants you just have to do the following. Collect all the glass bottles you want, as many vases as you want. Also take rope, a mesh and scissors .. finally choose a nice glass container like a glass.

The first thing we will do is cut the bottle in half, then take the rope, make a knot at one end and pass it through the mesh or grid we have achieved.

Once this is done, take the mouth part of the bottle and then insert the grid as you can .. fit it and make sure that the piece of string is down … that is, coming out of the mouthpiece of the bottle.

Now, on the grid add the plant we want to have, with its land and everything. Finally fill the glass with a little water and voila, place the bottle with the plant on this glass.

As you can see through the rope the plant is taking the water it needs, your plants will be healthy and well watered ..

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