Gardens for different seasons,

Gardens for different seasons,

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about the garden and the different seasons. Remember that a great feature of having a garden is that we can turn this wonderful space into a spectacular, warm and perfect place for every season of the year.

Yes, how do you hear it! For each season of the year there are different, very attractive alternatives that invite us to take advantage of the new station in which we find ourselves, within the outer space.

With more than attractive solutions, the decisions we will have to make or follow to enjoy the garden throughout the year … can be very simple.

We will always have to restructure the garden, since it will not be the same light that enters in the summer … as the one in winter to the outside place.

Many of us think that the colors, in the winter season are rather muted and perhaps some bare branches .. this does not have to be this way, because there are many shades for this season such as winter red, a great blue, the color Yellow or warm orange with which we can decorate this beautiful space.

Because it is winter does not mean that we have to add dark and opaque colors, it locates a range of shades of beautiful colors such as winter jasmine, winter viburnum, botanical rose, bergamot ..

On the other hand, in spring, plants that are not very delicate with frost are advised .. they can be produced at night and in the morning. The garden, during this time, we can put bulbs as summer flowering tubers.

For example, spring will be ideal for Indian Reeds, Dahlias, Gladioli … We can even combine different annual plants with spring bulbs.

Finally, if our garden has withstood both winter and spring … in summer we can keep it … with abundant irrigation if the sun is very bright, now we will see the results throughout the year … colorful flowers and a great personal garden and well balanced.

When you see flowers that have withered we will eliminate them, also try to keep the lawn well hydrated and green.

When autumn arrives, we can simply offer a different look to the previous one, we can add ornamental tree plantation, fruit trees … some shrubs, rose bushes … recreate a wonderful mixture of weeds.

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