Garland of vegetables to decorate

Using a garland of vegetables, to decorate, is one of the most original, pleasant and friendly ideas I've seen. Today I wanted to share it with all of you, since I think it is quite easy to do and I suggest you think about what you want, because there are many vegetables to choose from. You can also use, also, the fruits of the colors that you like the most!

I suggest you work with vegetables that do not weigh much, this way you will prevent the whole set from falling. It also works with a resistant rope or perhaps with wool, more or less thick. It is an idea to work with the same colors both on the rope and on the vegetables … so we will get a nice set.

On this occasion we can delight in three different garlands each, but with the same vegetables. The first is one of my favorites, in addition to colorful it will give off a fantastic smell. As you can see it is a garland made with red peppers and some more yellow.

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<p>As you can see the shades vary from one pepper to another, but the whole is spectacular and more with the yellow wool we see. Each pepper has been pierced on two sides, this can be done with a thick needle or other tool such as a punch. Through these cavities we introduce the rope. Go putting vegetable after vegetable, leaving a space between them.</p>
<p>If you see that they move, you can always make a knot so that the fruit does not go away. You can also do this with lettuce. As you can see they are divided in half and are the buds, so that it does not weigh so much.</p>
<p>Like the choice of peppers, which are hollow inside, lettuce is cut in half to eliminate weight from the garland. Then you just have to cross them with a rope of your choice and ready to decorate any space!</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=theflairexchange

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