Garlic and its germination

Good morning friends today I will talk about the Garlic germination, so if you want to plant this plant in your garden, it will be much easier knowing a little more about it.

Garlic bulbs can be planted directly in the ground. These bulbs You can also call them teeth and insert them into a small hole … about 2.5 cm deep.

The teeth we must put them facing the sky, that is … the dotted edge up and the rest down.

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<p>The other day we saw how to plant garlic, today I give a little more information if you want to grow your own garlic to eat.</p>
<p>If you want to plant two bulbs in a pot, you will need a 6-liter container or two 3-liter pots each .. about 25 cm deep.</p>
<p>In the garden you can plant them, as we have said, directly on the ground, but you must do so by separating the rows of garlic about 30 cm.</p>
<p>Now, in spring, it is a very good time to sow garlic … so we can collect it in autumn .. Although garlic is also possible to plant in autumn … this way we will have garlic all year long.</p>
<p>There are different types of garlic and some varieties resist cold better than others. But if in your place of residence there is no weather, rather, a very cold winter you can plant almost any variety.</p>
<p>As I mentioned in these two articles of the garlic plant, these are simple to plant .. they love the sun and you can have the harvest relatively soon.</p>
<p>Also, as you can plant both in spring and autumn, this means that you can have garlic throughout the year.</p>
<p>I particularly love garlic to eat it, as a condiment … it's delicious. You can use it in pasta, meat, fish, salads and soups.</p>
<p>Garlic is good for the stomach and they recommend eating a tooth in the morning on an empty stomach …!</p>
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