Garnish with dry branches

Good morning everyone, today I leave you with this lovely centerpiece made with dry branches and a glass jar.

I love to share small ideas, that you make them great! I like to see how you can surprise our own space, with great creations.

So cheap and so beautiful, you can create ideas like these. If you have a garden, surely having pruned some plants, shrubs … have branches.

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<p>You can make a nice bunch of dried branches and add, for example lavender or another flower whose perfume is intoxicating.</p>
<p>An idea, spectacular both for winter, as spring or summer. In addition to turning it into a beautiful and natural centerpiece, you can also place the vase somewhere else in your home.</p>
<p>You can put it in the living room, in the dining room, on the floor .. if the container is large, on a shelf or at the entrance of your home.</p>
<p>Take a glass jar that you like, it can be colored or not. Then you just have to introduce some branches and flowers that you like.</p>
<p>If they are dry, you can put them as is .. but if they are alive, add water to the vase and make them a diagonal cut, on the stems.</p>
<p>On this occasion, in addition, the branches have been decorated .. although for the past Christmas, it is a good idea for other types of events or for the next holidays.</p>
<p>The branches give a lot of play, because from them you can hang beautiful ornaments .. such as spheres, figures or any other element that you like.</p>
<p>You can also hang polvorones, at Christmas, or wine threads .. if the branches are firm enough.</p>
<p>The fragrance of the flowers you introduce will spread throughout the room where you put it.</p>
<p>I hope you like the idea as much as I do. As you see with very few things, you can create a beautiful set.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=naturefavors

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