decorar con naranjas

Garnish with oranges simulating pumpkins

Decorating with oranges is very easy and, in addition, they share one of the classic Halloween colors. This day, and I don't want to hurry you, is on the other side of the corner. Surely many of us are already thinking about decorating our spaces. If you want to add some small details, decorating with oranges can help you.

Pumpkins, become the essential icon of Halloween, can be somewhat expensive. So to save a little and save in our home, this Halloween we can replace the pumpkins to decorate with oranges How about? As with pumpkins, where you have to carve your face on the skin of it, orange is a perfect fruit where you can do it too.

With a sharp object, you can carve the face you like best. In addition, as they share that great orange color, similar to pumpkins, they will be very nice! It's a great idea to get some oranges and then eliminate the pulp. Try not to break the skin too much, we have to empty it by creating a kind of hat. Trim the area above or below and then remove all the pulp. You can consume these remains, they have a lot of vitamin C

decorate with oranges

Then you just have to get a knife or a cutter, something sharp to make your eyes and mouth. Of course the face is our choice. You can make a couple of triangles, inverted, for the eyes and a few holes for the mouth. Make the face you like best. If you have emptied the orange, think that you can fill it with a thousand things, for example with some green herbs or some straw; so they will look much more curious. Create several of these oranges to decorate the table, you can even make one for each guest What do you think of the idea?

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