Garnish with vase and pineapples

Garnish with vase and pineapples

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about how to decorate our spaces with vases and beautiful pineapples.

An ideal decoration for this Christmas, if you are looking for some ideas you can adapt this idea to your own taste.

This time we bet to decorate the surfaces with beautiful glass vases, so we see what is inside.

Inside we will place some beautiful pineapples … these, as we see, are colored. Find the colors you like best and paint the pineapples.

It is the easiest to do and, as we see, it is very attractive. It is a very easy way to decorate and it will take us only a few minutes … well, paint the pineapples a little more.

But this Christmas is a great idea, practical, striking and cheerful. You are looking for a touch of joy in your home, this vase with pineapples inside can help you give that brushstroke you were looking for.

A touch of the most personal, it is also very versatile .. you can change the type of vase, it does not need to be colorless, you can choose colored glass or plastic.

If it is transparent much better, in this way we can see what is inside. Pineapples can be replaced by something else … for example seeds or flowers.

If you have planted flowers, you can fill the vase with masses. As you can see it is very simple to change.

But as is, a beautiful glass vase .. with some pineapples inside, it seems very original. Original because they are painted, because we usually see them in the pineapple's own color.

You can put it as a centerpiece or on other surfaces .. you can also choose the vase of the size you need and fill it with as many pineapples as you want.

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