Garnish with Violets

Today I propose Violets to decorate your home. This beautiful plant, with its contrasting color will give a very beautiful touch in any space where you place them. If you like to decorate with plants, today I propose the following to improve our environment.

Remember that Violets are well known to all of us, surely you have seen them in many places since they are one of the great ones used as a form of ornamentation for exterior and interior gardens. This beautiful plant, with beautiful evergreen leaves, usually has a bright and bright color that gives it facilities to be chosen, when decorating our favorite corners.

I remind you that in addition to Violets, in violet color … you can also get them or grow them in different colors. Not only does this plant exist, with flowers in the color we see, you can also find them in white or red. Remember that cultivating Violets is very easy, in fact this characteristic is also highly valued by the people who choose it to decorate their gardens.

They are perennials that do not need too much sun, so you can grow them both in outdoor and indoor spaces. If you have a small terrace or a balcony, which does not usually give much sun, you can grow Violets. I remind you that the watering should be rather regular, for example two or three times a week. It is very important not to let the earth dry, so try to keep it moist.

As I said, this is a very interesting plant since it serves many things. To grow, since it is very easy to grow and dazzle us with its striking leaves. To decorate, since their colors are beautiful and to make liquors, jam or even in the gastronomy itself. You can also make perfumes and cosmetics, derived from the plant … as you see very complete Do you like Violets?

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