Geranium Cuttings What to do to get a better grip?

Geranium Cuttings What to do to get a better grip?

If you don't know how to make Geranium cuttings root well, today I leave you a great idea. Remember that in the market you have different products to choose from, so that your plants grab the earth well. This step is the most important, since without good roots or flowers, or plants will develop well in your land.

Sometimes it is this, the ground itself that makes the plants not grasp well. It is important to grow species that grow well with the weather we have at home. If it's more or less hot, if it's more or less humid, windy, all this influences your plants. Some will grow very well, but others do not develop as well (you have to pay attention to the type of plant you want to grow)

Once you know what kind of needs and demands they will need, you can grow whatever you want. Sometimes it is better to have some species in more covered places, especially when you have just planted the seed and you should not give them the sun, the wind or the rain. If you love Geraniums and see a perfect plant to decorate your favorite corners, you can reproduce them through cuttings.

If you have problems gripping the roots of these plants, it is a great idea to crush the tip that is going to be buried a little. That is, the part that goes to the ground can crush it a little (without going over) This will help it to root much better. Another great idea, in addition to crushing the tip, is to use a granite of birdseed by also putting it on the tip. When the cuttings grow, plant the Geraniums in small pots, so they will grow faster.

The best time for cuttings is in mid-August, so you know the next few months will be important. Between mid-August and mid-September, the length of each cut must be at least 10 or 15 cm and we must also see at least a couple of leaves. Finally I tell you that you can do a little homemade trick, so that your Geraniums look good; Adding a couple of drops of olive oil to the ground will be the secret.

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