Giancarlo Zema. Corian furniture

Giancarlo Zema. Corian furniture

In today's space we will talk about a collection that gave a lot to talk about. This limited series on garden furniture, was undoubtedly a great proposal of the architect Giancarlo Zema.

This well-known designer proposed a set of furniture for any garden composed of a table and two chairs. The sets have been seen in all the colors of the rainbow and many more … green, white, red, yellow, blue, black, purple … Chairs are anatomical in this way it will fit almost any type of back and body curve.

A furniture that was created for the Avanzini groupusing Corian as material of both chairs and tables. The material is shiny and looks polished, has a great finish and is flexible to fit the body.

This material is specially manufactured for outdoor use and is perfect to withstand high or low temperatures, humidity, water … etc.

Besides the furniture, its shapes … have been inspired by a flexible and soft sheet … flexed on itself … as we have said a limited edition edition perfect for those admirers of the design. its great variety in colors makes it look good in almost every garden, if you manage to get some … even if it is second-hand .. you will love it.

Remember that these pieces are current and modern, think about where we could place them and the use we will give them. You can help yourself with some lights, to decorate a very romantic corner at night.

With a very attractive finish, this collection is comfortable, original and striking .. that we can use both for breakfast outdoors, for lunch, dinner or coffee. Furniture that looks good in almost all types of gardens.

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