Give color to your exteriors in wood

Give color to your exteriors in wood

Good morning friends! Today we want you to color your wood exteriors! If you have a house for the tools or you have a facade or furniture in wood .. today we suggest you give color to your outdoor areas.

Sometimes we want to change the color because we have tired of the original or it is simply too damaged.

If you want to renew the appearance of some surfaces made of wood, today we propose that you add a color as cheerful. Create a new look in your outdoor areas!

When dealing with wooden surfaces, the maintenance and care that we will provide both before and after painting is most important.

Remember that to paint wood, it needs a previous preparation when it is painted. Remember that the paint should be especially for wood surfaces. The products are space and there are also products for subsequent maintenance.

If you are going to paint your wooden outdoor areas with colors, try to have a good finish. Read the instructions carefully so that the wood is perfect and takes the color well.

Remember to clean the surfaces well before proceeding to paint. Apply as many layers as you think necessary, but let dry between them.

Before painting we have to treat the wood, sand the surface, rid it of impurities and add a sealant or wood protector. Then we will paint and color the surface.

In stores like Sherwin Williams we can find all kinds of synthetic oils, in different finishes and in all kinds of color that will suit your wooden surfaces.

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