Glasshouse Greenhouse lamp - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Glasshouse Greenhouse lamp – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about a very special lamp, to decorate our exterior and interior spaces.

If you are looking for one lamp different from the others, today we introduce you to Glasshouse. If you wonder what is unique or attractive, this type of luminaire, we tell you that it combines the typical ceiling lamp … with an impressive terrarium, all in glass.

This great ceiling lamp can decorate both our areas of Exterior, how to have it located in the kitchen .. we say this area of ​​the home, because we have thought that it is ideal for planting aromatic herbs.

If you want to have your little terrarium where to grow aromatic herbs, for your succulent dishes, today we leave you with this fantastic Glasshouse lamp.

it combines two elements in one or rather, it is characterized by having two different functions. This small glass receptacle allows plant species to be grown, making this set a doubly practical element.

Glasshouse, given its design, is ideal for decorating any of our rooms. It has opening in the lower area. In this way we can not only change the bulb if it melts or we want to do it, it will also give us access to grow and harvest everything we want.

The bulb is ideal for growing fresh vegetables, because the device uses all the light and heat of it. In the upper area it has holes, so it can be easily ventilated.

Taking advantage of the light and heat of the lamp we can grow fresh vegetables of small size for our own use.

We also see an inner flange, in this part we can place the substrate on which we will do the sowing.

Finally we tell you that we can dim the light, ideal for what we want to grow and how much light you need.

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