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Good service and price with the Machinery Rental Madrid

The services of Majo, our company of machinery rental MadridThey are most complete thinking that their construction and gardening works can be completed without any setback regarding the use of the necessary tools. In addition to physical materials, the advice needed to properly use each of the pieces is also within Majo's services and is what distinguishes us from all the others.

Majo, more than machinery rental Madrid

Thanks to Majo, no work will be incomplete, all the pieces of machinery suitable for what you need to do in the area of ​​construction, earthworks, gardening, material handling or minor arrangements that you have at home or outside it.

If you do not have knowledge about the machinery you need or do not know how to use the one you already have, do not worry, because in Majo Rentals, in addition to machinery rental Madrid We have a group of expert advisors who will gladly guide you so that you know everything about the tools and the use of each of them.

So ask about the more than 100 kinds of machines in the company, get advice from the experts, ask about the prices, the use of the machines and their availability. What you need for him machinery rental Madrid It's not much, you just have to go to the page and process a small request and that's it.

As if that were not enough, Majo offers its loyal customers and they are already identified as members, special discounts and many more surprises, so you better ask an advisor about these facilities and access them.

Know what the machinery rental Madrid has for you

With more than 10 years of experience in the machinery and equipment rental business, Majo can adapt to the plan that is right for you and offer you the best and most appropriate rental products. Friendly, fast and easy service.

Discounts and special rates for members, product news, personalized advice and everything you need to advance your construction, gardening, painting and other works.

The peace of mind of having a safe team will be the most pressing guarantee that every client can have. So if you have any construction, gardening or finally work, you already know who to go to, a company that has the best services in Madrid machinery rental.

The quality of the equipment is assured because it is constantly maintained and is properly checked in order to protect it from damage or setback while it is being used. So you can rent without any fear. And if you have any incident, do not worry, remember also that your claims will be handled quickly and professionally. Majo offers a special claims service where you will be treated quickly and without hindrance.

So that you have clear services in the rental of machinery, what you can find in Majo is:

  • Bilge pump rental
  • HVAC equipment rental
  • Rental of earth compaction machinery
  • Rental of cutting machinery
  • Lifting and loading

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