perfilado de cesped

Grass edge

When we talk about turf profiling we are referred to trim the edges of the meadow in order to keep the limits well defined and clean. Lawn profiling is performed as a way of maintaining aesthetics.

It is an activity that requires patience, you must do manually since the grass that is attached to the curbs is not taken by the lawnmower nor the edges of the massifs.

The edges of the stop that give a wall or a curb should be cut after each mowing. In the case of the limits of the massifs, tree trees, rockeries it is necessary to profile them three or four times a year.

To be able to perform this task You will require a series of machines and tools: gardener or pallet shovel (thanks to it you can make a clean cut, when you acquire practice you will see how the profiling is done faster, if you need it you can help yourself with a rope so that the lines come out more straight), handle scissors long, thread stripping (it is widely used to make the edges, essential when you want to mark the boundaries with the walls, it is also widely used in the event that weeds are to be removed).

Another machine used to perform the profiling of the lawn is the brushcutter, the profiling or edging machine. All these tools are created for this type of work, giving excellent cutting quality, helping the task to be done faster.

Some tools are more professional, they are used to mow the lawn in areas close to sprinklers or diffusers, here you will need to be very precise so as not to cut or chop the pipes.

When purchasing this type of tools Remember to buy quality products that are safe and comfortable to use. You will see how the duration and quality of the work compensates in a short time the highest price you have paid.

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