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Great children's bench for your garden

Good morning friends, if you want to add an interesting element to your outdoor areas .. how about this children's bench for the garden?

Now with good weather, it is the best time to condition all these outdoor spaces. The terrace, the patio, the yard… and if you also have children, you can add small tables, swings, vibrant colors and full of life …

In all these spaces, there is usually something in common, and they are the areas of break. Ideally, add a small rest area to read, eat or rest.

If you have children, this is a great decorative solution .. the most economical. Just use a tire, a piece of wood and some paint.

It is the easiest to do and we will have a great children's bench for the garden, with great detail.

If you can get a tire or have one that you no longer use, take it and cut it in half at the height you want.

Now take a wooden board, make sure it is in good condition. We clean it, sand it well and remove the remains of sawdust.

This wood will act as a seat, so we just have to integrate it next to the wheel. Try to fix it well, so that it does not take off.

Once you have done it, you only need a little color paint and some imagination.

You can put a monster face, very nice, you can put the face of your child's favorite character, maybe paint an animal …

You can even paint the wheel, all in one … to be the body and the mouth and the top, that is the wood, where we paint the face.

You can also put the face of the monster to the side, as we see in the picture of the green bench.

It is a very nice solution for children, fun and practical. I hope you like it as much as I do, if you decide to try it, you'll tell me!

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