Green branches in your decoration

Green branches in your decoration

Now with the good weather we usually decorate with flowers and elements that bring color to our home. Remember that, in addition, this year everything that has to do with nature, nature … that is natural materials such as wood, fibers, plants, flowers … are trending.

Therefore decorate our rooms adding some green will be great, also bring freshness wherever you put it.

In addition to flowers, we can also decorate with simple green branches … with a good finish can be a most attractive and interesting composition.

Choose a corner of your home, it can be next to the window, on some surface, in pots, hanging … choose some shoots and some green branches and voilà!

If you have a secure garden you will have many branches and green twigs, otherwise we can always go to the field and provide everything we need … for example almond tree branches and plums.

If you want to get some beautiful arrangements, you can always cut some broom … this will make it look beautifully on any base you put it on.

There are also many green shoots that we can use and manage to get beautiful combinations and decorate all our rooms. These green shoots can be found from those that come out in some pots, not belonging to the plant we have grown … to ditches … in which they grow by themselves.

Very easily we can add color to our home, in addition green is completely fashionable. We can make floral arrangements to decorate our tables, place them in a beautiful glass vase so we can see it

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