Green space inside

Green space inside

Good morning friends, today in Decoration and Gardens we will talk about interior spaces of housing. if you want decorate your home, has green areas Inside, implement green as part of the decoration of any apartment or house.

The first thing we will do is think about where we are going to put our or our green spaces … maybe in a quiet area, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the windows … think about where you want to put it and how functional it will be.

Remember that if you plan to put it in your bedroom, think that it is not good since the plants when carrying out photosynthesis usually give off carbon dioxide and it is not convenient to breathe it while we sleep.

For example the living room, the hall, the kitchen, are good places where you can put some plants .. either near the window, on a surface or on the floor, hanging from the ceiling …

When you know where your little corner will go, choose the type of plant or species you want to grow or transplant … for example, the palm trees will grant height, but we can also choose pots with beautiful flowers or maybe some cacti if your decoration is especially minimalist.

Remember that all the plants we choose should be indoor species, which develop well inside the houses .. since they will not be given the sun and wind in the same way.

Delimit your green space, in this way we will be making you more protagonist of the decoration, you can highlight by putting a beautiful carpet on the floor, right where you have this space, or perhaps with wooden boxes that you can put planters … one go .. or simply don't put anything .. distribute green around the house.

The use of equal planters but of different dimensions gives a lot of play and dynamism to the composition … remember that in winter we might sometimes need a hymidifier, if we have heating at home, so that the plants do not spoil.

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