Greener lawn - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Greener lawn – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will love to talk to you about the lawn and how to keep your greenery.

Do you want to have an even greener lawn? If you think your lawn starts to turn yellow, you may not be able to provide everything you should. If you have ever thought about painting it, do it! We can give you much simpler solutions:)

To have a lawn as green as a golf course it will not be necessary to invest a great fortune in gardening, just apply a series of good tips.

The use of fertilizers, such as urea, will help us keep the grass more vigorous and green .. in any garden store we can find it.

Urea has a high nitrogen content and is used in a small amount and we can use it correctly to have the greenest grass during the fall. Try not to use it in summer or when it's hot.

Fertilizing the lawn will also help us, especially in the cooler months and in the middle of autumn, so we will give it more strength and will be more resistant. In winter the use of fertilizers is not necessary.

In spring we can also pay it, so we give time for the roots to strengthen before the hot months.

It is important to know how to cut the grass, remember that it is not good to cut the same too much. The good thing about a good green lawn is that the soil is wet. Summer is dangerous for it since it tends to dry the land and therefore it is necessary to water it more.

Leave between 5 and 8 cm of grass, especially in hot weather, like summer … so we make sure to protect it from the sun.

Water your lawn for a couple of hours a week, this is better than doing it a few minutes every day. Remember that we should not sin too much water.

Weeds and weeds will also be made with our grass, with the heat they can appear and if we water it every day, we will have more. Take care of the frequency of irrigation.

If you have weeds, remove them by hand and if you cannot get rid of them, buy a product suitable for your type of lawn and add it according to the instructions.

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