Grow climbers

Grow climbers in your garden

We will give you some causes for which it can be very beneficial grow climbing plants in your garden First we must tell you that climbers They are an interesting and useful group of species that you can enjoy.

It is estimated that in Spain you can get more than 100 species and thousands of varieties, among the most common we can mention you Lady at night, Ivy, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Virgin Parra, Passionflower, Climbing Rosal, Tecomaria, Wisteria, just to mention a few. Growing climbers is an excellent idea easy to do.

Source: Julrocas

Thanks to the climbing plants and vines You can cover walls, facades, fences, lattices, a good plant ornament for the garden.

They can also be used for decor of pergolas, porches, columns, if the species you chose has flowers in addition to giving it a good appearance it will give you a pleasant aroma.

Some species are characterized because in addition to covering the walls they can cover the floor, for example, Ivy, Bougainvillea, virgin Parra and some varieties of Clemaris. If you have no place in your garden or do not want to place them on land you can grow them in a pot by helping them grow by a tutor or a lattice.

There are species that are deciduous (during the autumn they lose their leaves sprouting again in the spring) or perennials (species whose leaves will accompany you throughout the year). Some climbers are characterized by being attached alone to the walls by their suckers or rootlets. It is amazing to see how they stick to the wall without the need to sand them with anything. They are species that grow as they roll up on the supports with their stems, other species are fastened with ropes and wires.

If you need cover a wall or wall quickly you can choose one such as the Correquetepillo (Polygonum baldschuanicum) a plant that can grow up to five meters in just one year; Without a doubt it is the fastest of all. The most normal is that they grow between one meter and one and a half meters per year.

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