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Grow rosemary at home

Rosemary is a excellent aromatic option For you to grow in your home, it has great beneficial properties. It is widely used for recipe preparation as it brings aroma and flavor to your preparations.

In many homes, rosemary is grown as a natural insect repellent or a cabinet or drawer flavoring.

This type of plant has the advantage of sowing easily in houses. They can be sown in pots or as bushes. It has the advantage of adapting to all climates, especially if they are warm and dry. If you have a rosemary plant in your house you should not overdo it.

To grow rosemary at home

You must take the cuttings of rosemary and plant them about 8 centimeters away from each other, ideally plant them in early summer.

In the case that you do not have a rosemary plant from which you can take their stems you can use seeds, in this case you should plant them in the spring season.

Fill a pot or pot with plant substrate, It must have a good drainage system to prevent water from rotting the roots. Place the pot in a place where you can receive a lot of sunlight most of the day.

Never water too much as you prefer to develop on dry land.

You can collect their stems and leaves for the preparation of stews or for different uses. This can be done throughout the year, as long as the silver has a considerable size.

You should not worry about paying for the rosemary plant since you don't need it.

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