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Growing ferns successfully – Ideas for gardens and decoration

We will give you some tips so you can grow ferns successfully. Remember that ferns are used in many interiors, especially in tropical areas with climates that are mild and quite humid.

Remember that it is important when buying a fern that has healthy foliage, whose stems are not broken and the leaves are not brown.

Ferns require, for their development, frequent watering and that their soil is moist without flooding. In case you need to transfer them in place, place a good layer of pebbles so that the water can drain freely.

With respect to the sun it is important that they receive a good amount of light but that it is indirect, never the strong sun directly since the delicate leaves can burn.

For irrigation a sprayer can be used, it is essential a daily spray at dusk during the summer, the water must be warm, much better if it is rainwater, if you do not have it you can drink tap water and boil it, remember to let it cool before using it. During the rest of the year it is only necessary to keep your soil moist.

Moisture is one of the fundamental points for its cultivation. In the event that you live in a dry climate zone you can raise the humidity by placing the pot on a plate with water and pebbles. In this case the base of the pot should not be in direct contact with the water.

Ferns do not require pruning To encourage growth, you only need a cut of the branches that have turned brown. The cut must be done well flush with the ground. Normally fern species are resistant to pests, although sometimes they can be affected, especially when the plant is weak.

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