Growing Pumpkins in Pots - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Growing Pumpkins in Pots – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Today in our daily space we will talk about the growing pumpkins in pots. If you love pumpkins and have always wanted to grow some, here we leave you a good solution … grow them in pots.

In this way we will have some to eat and others to paint and decorate our homes .. It is not only an element of Halloween, with pumpkins we can decorate some rooms or make great centerpieces.

Pumpkin dimensions do not necessarily influence the form of cultivation, in this case in a pot. But we must follow some good advice to get the most out of it.

The first thing is to get a good pot of large dimensions, for example 40 x40 cm. Now take fertile and porous soil and fill in the pot. Ideally, add earthworm and some fertilizer pearls to the mixture. The land we can buy is suitable for planting vegetables.

In the pot we will plant two seeds, with them we can have at least about four fruits. Remember that the fertilizer should be applied at least every 20 days. The land of pumpkins will always be wet.

Once we have everything ready, we will plant the seed. Remember that the season to plant the pumpkins will be in the spring months. We must remember that pumpkins bloom twice, in the first it interrupts their development until the fruits are ripe … then they begin to bloom again and new fruits come out again.

With these few tips we will have some wonderful pumpkins that we can use to add it to our dishes, salads, creams … or use them as a decoration. If you are going to do this, first clean them inside by removing all the pipes and seeds, otherwise they will start to rot.

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