Cómo cultivar aromaticas

Guidelines for aromatic cultivation

The cultivation of aromatic plants usually become something very rewarding. As time goes by and we can use the different herbs in our kitchen, it fills us with pride. Keep in mind that many spicy and aromatic plants have their origins in the Mediterranean, for example oregano, lavender, sage, thyme, etc.

Most aromatics require two things for their great development: lots of sun and soils that have good drainage, avoiding soils that pool.

Plants can be placed in pots or in regular geometric flower beds or in a country garden. The chosen place must receive a good amount of sun and be protected from the winds. They must also be protected from large frost.

It is best to choose a place that is close to the house, if it could be in a kitchen window much better.

Fortunately most of the plants are not too demanding in relation to the soil, they can live in quite poor soils, the only thing that should be taken into account is that it has good drainage, since they are plants sensitive to excess water in the soil.

The aromatic ones can be planted in any time of the year, avoiding the very hot days of summer and the coldest days of winter. Before placing them, the soil must be carved at a depth of 25 centimeters deep to leave the soil well and fluffy.

You will have to eliminate weeds, to be successful in the task when you work the earth remove the stems, pieces of roots and bulbs that come out. You may notice that eliminating them all is difficult, but always try to remove as much as possible, so you will avoid rebounding later.

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