Cuidados básicos para rosales

Guidelines for beautiful roses

The correct one location of the rose bushes It is essential to ensure its optimal growth. It should not be placed in a place too shady because for its correct development it needs a lot of me and just a little shade in the early hours of the afternoon.

It is also necessary to place them in a place where they must compete with larger species, it is not advisable to place them under trees or surrounded by high walls. If you are going to change a rose bush that has dried you should always change the soil of the hole where it was.

The ideal soil for rose bushes must have a medium texture, slightly acidic and high in nutrients and fumes. If the earth contains saltpeter or is too hard you should change it. Place it just when the earth is ready. Experts advise that upon receiving a plant it is submerged in water for 24 hours to avoid dehydration problems, at this time you may have prepared the soil correctly.

The place where the rose bush is going to be placed should be planted and the soil properly conditioned. Dig individual holes 60 centimeters in diameter and 30 centimeters deep. In case you want to make a row with roses, it is advisable to dig a ditch,

The earth at the bottom of the hole should not be compact, so the roots can be spread correctly. When placing the plant, the hole must be filled by gently squeezing the earth with your hands so that there are no empty spaces. Then it should be pressed with the foot or with the hands starting from the edge towards the center.

It is necessary that the branches are covered with mulch or sandy soil so that the sun, frost, winds and frost do not harm the plants. When the plant sprouts, the plant must be discovered. When you have finished your plantation it should be watered abundantly to avoid empty spaces between the roots and the earth.

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