Consejos para comprar cactus

Guidelines for buying a cactus

We will give you some tips that you can keep in mind when Go buy a cactus. Remember that despite their appearance, smaller plants are much more delicate and require special care, which they should no longer have as adults.

The largest cacti are much more resistant to weather changes and the mistakes we can make for inexperience. We advise you to never buy specimens that have punctured artificial flowers, the hole made to place them can become quite harmful to the health and development of the specimen.

If you are a beginner in the field the easiest genera to grow are Gymnocalycium, Crasulaceae and Haworthia. Experts can choose between Cereus or Lithops.

You should carefully transfer them to a pot that is larger than what they usually give you in the store. If you are going to place them in a plastic pot remember to make several holes in the bottom.

When you have a newly purchased copy you should not place it directly in the sun. Generally in stores they have been in the middle shade or in the shade, so they should get used to receiving direct light.

Before exposing them to the sun's rays you should leave them for a minimum of three weeks in a more sheltered place. Keep in mind that if you notice your flaccid cacti, it is because you are exceeding your watering. When in doubt it is best not to water them.

Cacti are normally used as decorative silvers in the gardens Warm or mild weather. They are very beautiful when placed with the ground covered with aggregates or gravels. Inside the houses they are grown in pots, so they can be grown in cold weather areas.

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