Cultivar palmeras en el interior

Guidelines for growing palm trees indoors

Palm trees can also be located inside the environmentYes, but we must know that the palm trees that are located in pots need more care in relation to the cultivation of the land. Surely it will be necessary to water it more, pay it correctly and generate high humidity.

Today we will refer to the basic care that must be taken in the cultivation of palm trees inside.

Normally the indoor environments do not have the amount of light that the plants require, without proper lighting the plant will not grow properly and the leaves will lose their brightness. It is essential that the palm trees are near the windows. Some fluorescent tubes near the foliage will provide light, as well as white painted walls and light furniture. All these cares will help the correct development of palm trees.

Another point to consider is the humidity of the environments. Normally the humidity in the houses is usually low and that is not good for the plants. In these conditions they end up drying. Among the symptoms of dryness we find: loss of shine, dry ends, begins to wilt.

If you want to avoid the consequences of the lack of moisture, you can spray with water or place a container full of water near the palm tree, preventing it from being in direct contact. Upon evaporation it will provide moisture.

Watering palm trees located inside will depend on different factors. Generally they should be watered twice in the summer and every 10 days during the winter. It is always preferable to fall short and not go overboard with water. We must verify that the pots drain perfectly and that there is no water accumulated in the bottom.

In a next article we will refer to fertilizers and pests that affect palm trees.

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