Consejos para el cuidado de las plantas

Guidelines for indoor plant care

Indoor plants are the ones that grow indoorsSometimes they are often confused with those grown on a balcony or in a garden for a short time. These plants can be grown for different reasons, they are usually grown to change or maintain the aesthetics of the home, in other cases they are used to purify the air, obtaining health benefits.

Factors to consider

There are some factors that we should keep in mind when grow houseplants. We will start talking about the temperature. If the plant is tropical, it should have a temperature of around 15 to 25 degrees.

Another aspect is the humidity of the environment, this is a difficult point to regulate. If possible, humidity should be around 20 to 60 percent.

The size of the pot where the plant is should be large, so it can achieve a good development, it should not be too large or too small, it should have an adequate size. If the plant has grown remember to change the pot.

Frequently perform careful pest control.

Be careful with the light. All plants require light to carry out the process of photosynthesis and thus grow, each species needs a different amount of light, it is best to learn about the characteristics of the plants that we are going to grow.

Get advice about the fertilizers you need to nourish your plant, especially if the nutrients in the soil are depleting.

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