Construye un jardín en pocos pasos

Guidelines for the design of your garden

There is the possibility of building a garden in a few steps, if you have a small green space or a piece of land you can easily make it your paradise.

You can carry out some guidelines that will guide you. The first thing you should do is organize the space, think about the way you are going to make your plantations and the amount of pots or planters that you will place. Always remember to leave a free space through which you can circulate and pass.

If you have corners of difficult access you can use some species that are artificial, for example, boxwood balls placed in some flirty zinc pot.

Then you must choose natural plants that you can place To do this you must focus on the orientation and the sun that your garden will receive, based on that study the different plants to know which ones are best suited.

In the event that your garden receives little sun, choose lively plants, which may be in more shady spaces. For the much sunnier gardens a good alternative is the Mediterranean type plants, among them we advise you to place hydrangeas or camellias.

Create a certain environment, it can be a country gardenRomantic Mediterranean At present, many Zen atmospheres that are inspired by Japanese gardens are used, in this type of garden bamboo must not be lacking, which can be accompanied by reeds, ferns. Bamboo is ideal to give the garden some privacy, when you want to avoid the eyes of neighbors.

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