Halloween. Flowers and Pumpkins - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Halloween. Flowers and Pumpkins – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we talk for the first time about Halloween … or better how to decorate your home with flowers and pumpkins!

If you love to celebrate, this special day, if you are one of those who dress up and change the look to their decoration .. today we leave you some great proposals designed for this day.

On Halloween, many of us think of costumes, of organizing fun events … with the occasional scare and, in short, a decoration in keeping with all this.

This way we decorate your home today, to welcome Halloween! We hope that these small arrangements and proposals are of great interest.

This time we play with pumpkins and flowers, where we can make our own arrangements .. full of personality and perfect for this day.

Remember that sometimes the interesting thing is simple ideas, which do not require too much time and are economical .. this will give your home a lot of play.

Arrangements with flowers should be virtually immovable, it is not necessary too much patience to take care of making one. They are very simple, select some flowers … if you have a garden or some pots at home .. you know.

Choose the flowers you like best, if they are orange and yellow better … even red or black … orange roses … etc ..

To make the base of the floral arrangement use glass containers, glass vases or pumpkins … distribute them around your home. We can also use for this, typical sweets of these dates.

Now, if you want to accompany the floral arrangement, we can add great figures with characters such as witches, spiders, monsters, mummies … etc ..

Do you like pumpkins? In these dates it is very common to carve them with the forms that we like the most … if you grow them in your garden you can get some, extract the pulp and carve some horrifying faces.

They do not need to be as large as we see in other places, pumpkins can be the size you prefer, if you play with their style they will look even better.

Inside the pumpkin we can put the typical candles, fill them with flowers or add something original like candy or something else.

To make an arrangement with flowers and pumpkins just cut the tops of these and, as we said before, take out the pulp. Let dry a few days and then add a pot full of the flowers you like best.

With this we will have a great decoration for these dates, the flowery pumpkin can be located both indoors and outdoors. Make as many as you want.

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