Halloween: Ghosts made of wire

For Halloween I propose to add a few ghosts in our garden how? With some wire and some imagination! If you love crafts, if you like to decorate your home for the next Halloween date, what better way to add some dread to our outdoor spaces.

Although these figures can also be included inside the house, they will be simply terrifying. Can you imagine finding it, as soon as you arrive? What a scare! In the images they stand out a lot since they are in the garden and even hanging from some trees. If you have outdoor space such as gardens, terraces or patios, they will look great!

How to do it? It really is easier than it seems, the complicated thing in this case would be to give them a human form. The latter is in our hands, unless you have a dummy to practice, if you are good at the design they will look great. You can create them using wire as the main material, the structure can be done with chicken coop (it is very economical)

halloween decorate with wire

You can also use another type of wire that you like more. Create the forms you most want … it can be a wandering lady, the torso of a man or a woman … You can make whole bodies or parts of them. You could also create animals or other characters that you like more. The better the structure is made, the better the final result.

halloween decorate with wire

With suitable pliers to mold and cut the wire; With gloves and a work area you will have almost everything to create your sculptures. Once you have it done, you can locate it as it is or add something else. If you line them with cloth or plastic, it will be enough to make the shape even more real … and much more terrifying What will your guests say? I think it is an excellent idea for next Halloween, both to decorate our homes, and to decorate restaurants or other centers where you want to celebrate Halloween. What do you think?

halloween decorate with wire

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