Halloween. Ideas for the Garden

Halloween. Ideas for the Garden

Good morning friends! Today in our space we will love to give you some great ideas to decorate our garden or patio on Halloween.

Right now we are on Halloween, a tradition to which more and more adherents are added to them … that is why today we will base this space on the decoration for this day.

If you have a garden, a porch or maybe a terrace … try to follow some of the advice we put on, you'll see how good it looks!

Use simple and economical materials such as cardboard, cardboard, thread, plastic bottles … so we recycle and it will not cost us much to make the decoration.

If you have better children, they can participate in the activity and we spend more time together.

To start think about the door of your house, remember that it is important to decorate it as it will be the first impression your friends and guests see. Just put for example a cardboard cutout of a terrifying monster like Frankenstein!

We can also put a black spider on the head of the same .. all this you can do on cardboard using your own imagination or downloading some patterns.

The spider is easy to do with some black cardboard, a cord or perhaps wire and some eye buttons. It's done in a sigh and it will look great.

If you have chairs on the terrace or in the garden, you can place a pillow with some motifs of the moment. Spiders, monsters … If you don't find a cushion cover, simply trim felt bats and sew them to the case and you'll see that it looks good.

The ghosts are figures that can not be missing, you can cut a few on white cardboard and decorate the hedges and flowers .. You can also use old sheets, add confetti to the head, put a rope around the neck and hide them in the garden.

On the porch or in the roofed garden part we will add some bats on the roof, we will hang them. These can be made of rubber or made by us on cardboard.

Finally get one or several pumpkins … and enjoy making some horrible heads … then spread them through the entrance of your house and others in the garden area. You can paint them too.

Via: mel-designs

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