Hanging garden in your kitchen

Hanging garden in your kitchen

Good morning dear friends, in today's space we will talk about how to give beauty to your kitchen, with plants.

I don't know about you, but I love having my own spices in the kitchen … and so cooking and having totally natural elements for the delicious menus.

In this way today we leave you with one more idea that you can consider to add to your kitchen the green of nature.

Especially for those who do not have a garden, a nice patio, terrace or balcony … or simply for people who also want to have plants in the kitchen, with this idea for sure that many of us can.

If you want to grow your own spices, for those who love cooking, it will be essential to have the necessary herbs and condiments that we like and need the most.

A fairly simple idea to make and of course, very economical .. remember that we love to look for economic options for the times.

It is a very practical and original idea, we will only need some elements such as tin containers, if it can be with a lid. Paint cans come perfect for this kind of decorative idea.

We will also need scissors, colored tweezers, hangers as you like, adhesive tape, coffee filters, nails, a hammer, knife, glue, pieces of cloth … all easy to obtain.

To make your hanging garden in the kitchen, the first thing we will do is take a can opener and get rid of the entire bottom of the tin boat. Remember that you can help yourself with other tools, but try not to deform the boat much.

After removing the bottom makes about fifteen holes in it, with the hammer and nail. Once you have them, introduce the bottom of the can, again, but this time we will slide it a few more inches inside and so that it does not go we seal it or fasten it with adhesive tape.

Now take the whole can and turn it over, right in the part where the lid once was, we put the plant .. yes, if you are going to plant or transplant remember to finalize all the necessary details so that the spice you have put grows and develop in conditions.

The holes are for draining, if the herbs need more or less water .. this way it will not rot inside the can.

You have chosen the herb that is like rosemary, thyme, peppermint … introduce the plant and now, take one of the coffee filters and make a hole in the center.

This hole, from the coffee filter, will be diamond-shaped. Remember that it will be necessary to put two filters on the top of the can .. that will prevent water leaks .. remember that the boats will go upside down.

Finally, to have this kind of pot ready, just put the plastic lid of the pot and make a hole right in the center, so that the plant can go perfectly upside down.

This will help us so that when we turn around the can, the plant does not fall … well once closed, all we have to do is give color to our hanging pot.

We can do it before or after introducing the plant .. we can use both paint and upholstery with paper or cloth.

You can use wallpaper, wrapping paper, scraps … we just have to reshape them to remove the color and brand they carry. Anyway you can always leave them as they are.

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