Help to clean the garden

Good morning friends! Today we will talk or rather, we will give you some great tips to clean the garden.

Sometimes this external area of ​​our home is complicated to maintain due to atmospheric agents and how big it is.

But we have to maintain some hygiene in the garden, this will help avoid pests and diseases for your plants and flowers.

Sometimes or rather at certain times we tend to have more neglected outdoor areas. These times are usually the coldest times like autumn and winter.

But cleaning it is essential, we have to pluck weeds that can leave, so your plants will grow healthy and well developed. Remove dead plants and remove leaves that have fallen.

If you have a greenhouse look at the pots, check those damaged and the planters too.

If you have a pond you will also have to keep it so that it is not filled with dirt and careless appearance.

Fallen leaves, if we leave them for a long time on the grass can give some pests free rein. That is why we will eliminate them as much as we can.

There are garden vacuum cleaners, which allow us to clean in every corner.

To clean the roads and paths, if you have, just a garden brush. The leaves you have removed can be used to make mulch.

The pond must be cleaned at least once a year and we will repair those small damages that we see.

To prevent excessive leaves from falling, you can always place a mesh and we will avoid it and it will be easier to pick them up.

We also have to prune aquatic plants periodically, this is done by removing weeds or algae that form. You can apply some products if they are many.

If you have bamboo canes, try to remove the earth from them and brush them with domestic or garden soap. This will make it last much longer!

Then let it dry and put its ends in contact with the earth in a cobo accompanied by a wood preservative. Leave overnight and they will be ready to be stored.

Before the frost arrives clean the massifs, remove the old plants and air the soil .. remove weeds and pass the rake if you want to leave the soil clean for later planting.

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