Herbaceous cultivation and care

Hello guys! Today I leave some tips for the care and cultivation of herbaceous plants.

Remember that the plants that belong to this family consist of many different species. They usually belong to it, plants like pepper.

Herbaceous plants are usually grown for their leaves, since they have the characteristic of being very decorative. As an ornament they are great, you also have a great variety to choose from.

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<p>Although the origins of these plants are tropical … you can grow them indoors or outside your home.</p>
<p>As I said before, there are many different species. But today I leave some tips for a few of them.</p>
<p>To grow the herbaceous, prepare a pot with soil and well mixed peat.</p>
<p>Now notice that the drainage is good, to place the pot in a place where it receives a lot of light. Remember that they love the abundance of light, but not direct.</p>
<p>The sun can make the newer leaves burn. Remember, too, that they are sensitive to cold.</p>
<p>These types of plants must be protected from cold and extreme temperatures … and away from the air.</p>
<p>On irrigation, just do it once every 7 days or 10 days. As you see for this you don't have to eat your head too much. Theirs is to water the soil well, so that the moisture penetrates to the roots and that's it!</p>
<p>To clean and hydrate it, you can also help yourself with a spray and spray the foliage with warm water. You can do this every three days in spring and summer.</p>
<p>Finally I tell you that you can throw fertilizers once a month. And remember, water before fertilizing … we will also do it after this operation.</p>
<p>Herbaceous plants can be transplanted once, every two years. Then renew the soil and increase the size of the pot.</p>
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