Home Garden! - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Home Garden! – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends, in today's space we want to talk about how to get a great garden at home.

For this we leave you some great suggestions that, sure, can serve as an inspiration … for this we will talk about vegetables, aromatic plants … and others to turn our home into a green place!

Instead of flowers, it is increasingly common to find all kinds of aromatic vegetables or plants in the house of a relative or friend.

A healthy habit with which to guarantee a healthy meal to all the members of our home throughout the year and, in addition, to brighten up some corner of the house thanks to the decorative paper of some vegetables. Tomatoes, radishes, pumpkins … any imagined vegetable has a place in a urban garden at home, something easy to achieve, even separating the different crops bypots.

A simple and very effective trick for those who start in the magical world of the urban garden at home, a universe where we run the risk of spoiling a crop if we do not control the cycles of each variety we raise too well.

First, we must find a place to place our urban garden in the house, either indoors or outdoors. A patio, a terrace, a balcony or any sunny window they will be more than ideal places to start growing our vegetables and aromatic plants.

We just need substratum, instead of land, to guarantee our crop a nutrient-rich surface that allows better water storage. A subscription twice a year It will help the plant to keep the properties of the compost intact, so we will have a harvest as tasty as the first day.

He irrigation it will also be vital in the life of our urban garden, which we will have to increase in summer up to two or three times daily, depending on the degree of incidence of the sun on the plant. As for planting, we can do it by seeds or cuttings and, in both cases, we must check the degree of moisture in the soil, to avoid the risk of drowning.

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