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How sustainable gardens should be

We will continue talking about the main characteristics of sustainable gardens. We invite you to read the previous article.

Time is one of the most important factors in this type of natural space, let us think that many gardens over time begin a period of degradation, having the need to be continually remodeled.

It can be said that a sustainable garden is the one that has the possibility of maintaining itself, without outside resources and without any help. A sustainable and well planned garden will not require irrigation or pruning.

One of the myths linked to these gardens is that they must do without lawn, but this is not so. I could enjoy it without having to jeopardize water resources. Ecological lawns can be placed, which consume up to five times less than conventional grass.

For some experts, the expense of water goes through the creation of ecological lawns that allow the planting of variety with the minimum amount of water, allowing a waterproofing of the subsoil and different water collection systems.

One of the most difficult points for the creation of sustainable gardens is to find a nursery where they can get the necessary native plants. Unfortunately sometimes it is difficult to find them and when this is achieved, they can be quite expensive.

But the effort is worth it, let's just think of all the benefits that these gardens offer us, how important it is to harmonize with nature and have an ecosystem that is fully developed.

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