How to add grass to the garden in 5 steps

Today I propose to renovate the garden by adding grass somewhere in it or even in its entirety. It's easy and we can do it in five steps. If you want to add a different touch to the decoration of your outdoor areas, the lawn is a good complement. Of course, we must learn to take care of it so that it is always perfect.

If you want to add grass to your garden, the first thing we have to do is measure the area we want to cover with it. The lawn can be bought by square meters, to cut it to our liking and use it as we want. You can also grow it, but today I propose to buy it to cover the area you want, in a short time.

Once we know how much grass we are going to buy, the second step is to clean the ground where you are going to put it. This involves putting on gloves, picking up a rake and eliminating weeds. or the plants we don't want to be there. Move the earth well, air it and moisten it a little, if the soil is wet in itself it is not necessary to add more water.

Step three will incorporate the lawn into the area you are going to cover. I remind you that you can also do this in large, small pots or in planters; There are many ways to use the lawn to create beautiful spaces. Once the area is laid and covered, step four will be to spray the grass with some agricultural lime or insecticide.

Finally, step five consists of watering the grass, at first, with plenty of water. It is true that this type of plant requires a lot of water so that it does not dry out, but mainly in times of heat. Now in winter it will not be necessary so much water, but if you water it regularly. If it rains, do not water it anymore and when you do it do it in the morning or late afternoon. To finish just saying that the grass will take more or less a month to adapt and attach to the ground, be patient and you will see how precious it is. Do you want to add grass? How do you do it?

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