How to aromatize your corners with beautiful flowers

How to aromatize your corners with beautiful flowers

If you want to give more beauty to your home, a good idea is to aromatize your corners with the help of beautiful flowers. In decoration there is nothing like a pleasant smell going through the corridors of your home. It is not necessary that we intoxicate the spaces too much, with flowers too aromatic … it is enough that they give off a pleasant smell.

The importance of the aroma, inside the decoration, is great … just like the lighting or great colors, the smell gives atmosphere and this is what we want to achieve. Now in summer we have many possibilities to aromatize our environments with certain flowers or fruits. As fruits oranges, lemons or other citrus will give off a wonderful smell (we call them homemade air fresheners)

But you can also make an air freshener to aromatize your corners, with beautiful flowers filling containers or making corsages with your favorites. Distribute by strategic areas of your home. Theirs is to choose the smell that you like, particularly the jasmine or the lady at night, are two flowers that smell completely intoxicates me (I don't know if it will happen to you anyway)

The lady at night or jasmine, they are also perfect opponents to scare away mosquitoes… so in addition to decorating, giving a good smell and frightening mosquitoes, what else can we ask for? As these there are many other flowers, with other properties, that will make our spaces smell perfectly like lavender.

Lavender or mint, in addition to decorating and giving a delicious aroma to our spaces, will also keep them from wasps and other insects. Lavender also eliminates the smell of tobacco and other bad smells. You can also choose flowers such as lilacs, roses or hyacinths as they smell spectacularly.

There are many plants with an exquisite aroma, you just have to choose the ones you like best. I remind you that you can aromatize the corners either with fruits placed on a bowl, either with flowers both in centerpieces, as in corsages or dried and made a potpourri or even with essential herbs.

But you can also smell the rooms with flower essences, so you don't have to have them at home… you can put this essence in a container with water and then let it evaporate … ideal for the cold months where we can put the container near a source of heat, so the smell spreads.

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