How to avoid caterpillar pests in the garden

How to avoid caterpillar pests in the garden

Do you want to avoid caterpillar pests in your garden? Today I leave some small tips, to keep in mind, to avoid or eliminate this harmful pest. Remember that there are many different types of caterpillars, but in general the appearance of them causes damage to the leaves of plants, branches or stems … if we let them act they will end our plants.

So that this does not happen, you can avoid its appearance with some advice. If you do not want them to appear again, and keep your garden (or your pots) healthy and beautiful, you can opt for more natural techniques or use certain chemicals. With the latter you have to be careful and buy the one that suits your plants.

Traditional insecticides, such as growth inhibitors, will cause smaller or younger caterpillars not to grow, not develop and consequently die. This is an effective way to get rid of them. In addition or as an alternative, you can put some traps with female sex pheromones .. in this way the male caterpillars will not mate with real females and there will be less caterpillars ..

The male caterpillar, when going quickly when it detects the female pheromones, you can see them more easily and get rid of them. This is a way that the plague does not spread further.

If you have branches, take advantage of them, you can introduce some bird nests .. in this way the birds will be installed in them. When this happens you will see that small sparrows or robins feed on caterpillars (this idea is great for large outdoor spaces, where we have many plants)

To finish, fertilize the soil, fertilize your plants with organic product … and control the plant's risks very well. Remove dead leaves and pruning occasionally. It also monitors your plants so that new pests are not installed or can act accordingly.

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