How to care and prune your fences

How to care and prune your fences

Good morning dear friends! In today's space we propose the easiest ways to care for and improve all your garden fences.

If you have any fences you want prune and you don't know how to do it, here we leave you these practical suggestions that are sure to be very useful.

The first thing we will do, to begin with, will be to proceed to cut the upper area of ​​it. In this way we will help level it, try to follow a mark of a thread staked from one end to the other of the fence.

Once this area is worked so that it is well leveled, we will work on the sides … remember to keep in mind that the lower part must be left less wide than the upper one so the light will be even over the entire surface.

If you have informal hedges, which have grown freely and have reached a considerable height … remember that they only need one pruning per year. Just get rid of sick or dry and dead branches.

Fertilize the soil very well and also get rid of weeds that invade the base of the hedge. They are bad and we should not have them.

As we talk about the bushes, exactly the bushes are applied to the dry ones. Remember that you can leave your own natural form without shaping.

If you have a defensive fence, of those with thorns, we will also prune it once a year. To keep this fence more elegant or formal, you can prune periodically.

But remember to keep in mind that they are two different fences and therefore we will interpret them in different ways. They are very dense vegetations that are worth having as a fence.

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