How to care for a bonsai – Ideas for gardens and decoration

We will give you some key points for you to consider time to take care of your bonsai.

Bonsai experts say that it is important to transfer them every three years or so, this transfer must be done during the spring. In those cases the earth should be removed around the roots and cut them in half.

Place the bonsai in a pot that is a little larger and fill it with special mulch for bonsai, pay close attention that this material has penetrated well between its roots. The watering you do should be slow. Once these steps have been carried out, you should wait a few weeks before continuing with the fertilization.

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<p style=At the beginning of spring you should cut the branches of the most vigorous species, whenever you do this pruning you must do it with the tools (scissors) specially created for bonsai.

Pruning should be done in the vegetation period It goes from spring to fall. Leave only two or three pairs of leaves on each branch to preserve the bonsai shape.

In the case of indoor bonsai can be placed several days in the garden, but must return to the interior of the house before the end of the summer. Outdoor bonsai tend to be less sensitive to frost, although it is also necessary to protect them during the winter season.

The indoor bonsai must be watered regularly and copious to always keep the lump moist, those outside should have water when the mulch begins to dry, especially during the summer and less frequently the winter months.

Vaporize the bark and its foliage every morning. Vaporization is very important throughout the year for indoor bonsai and should only be done in the summer in outdoor ones.

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