How to care for a cut flower bouquet

How to care for a cut flower bouquet

Good morning dear friends, today in Decoration and gardens We want to give some suggestions or advice to take care of our bouquets of freshly cut flowers.

Now that the heat arrives, the decoration with flowers is ideal … maybe for a centerpiece, to give away, for a vase with flowers … it doesn't matter where and what you decorate but we do care that your flowers last and last ..

Therefore, if you decide to decorate with natural flowers, you will know that there are some natural tips that will help your freshly cut flowers last longer for you.

To get a better care and conservation of all our fresh flowers, remember that everything is important … that is, it influences topics such as the size of the vase where we are going to put the flowers … it influences even the length of the flower's stem.

As we said the vase type choice or vase is essential, we must choose one that suits the wands of the flowers that we are going to introduce in it … that is not small, nor large. In addition the material should be glass. It is also important that the vase has a greater height than width, this will make the flowers stay longer and last longer.

Remember everything the stem that we introduce in the vase, you must go without leaves … that is the part that touches the water … we must remove the leaves … this is very simple, this is because the leaves on contact with the water rot that water more quickly.

The cut of the stem of the flowers that cuts, it is very necessary that it be made in bevel or diagonal. This is important because it will make the flower last much longer. This bevel cut will make our plant have much longer absorption time and continue breathing.

Now the water in the vase it must be warm.. normally from the tap. We will change this water every three days by providing one and a half aspirin to it, for every four liters of water. This aspirin will make the water last longer without rotting and prevents any type of bacteria from escaping.

Finally, something important for our flowers to stay fresh longer is that every time we change the water, the length of the stem will be cut. For water change, we cut a piece of stem … remember the bevel cut always.

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