How to care for aromatic plants

Do you want to know how to take care of your aromatic plants? Remember that many plants share common care but, at the same time, some species require different care because they can be more sensitive, delicate or develop in different ways. If you have aromatic plants, you will want to know some of their minimum care .. so they will remain beautiful and radiant, giving a subtle and delicious aroma for our home or garden.

Watering is important, remember to water them with plenty of water … but always being careful not to flood the plant itself. Normally it is good time to water these plants, when it is getting dark or at night. During these late hours, the earth takes on more moisture and it stays for longer … so your plant will absorb the water it needs.

In addition to remembering the GOLD rule of not watering the plant, we must eliminate any traces of withered leaves. If you see that the leaves of the plant or petals have fallen, eliminate them immediately … as this can become a focus of pests. If the leaves have not fallen, but you see them with symptoms of problems, you can also remove them.

On the other hand, good maintenance is to fertilize the flowering plants, from time to time. This will favor their growth and development for longer. Try to follow the specifications of the aromatic plant you have at home.

Another good advice is to remove the earth from time to time. This action will allow irrigation water to penetrate better through the substrate. You can do this with a small rake or something similar. Another care is to prune the plants from time to time, but those whose flowering is over.

Finally eliminate pests, removing dead leaves is a step .. but pests can lurk later. If you see something strange, try to get a good product to eliminate pests, without harming your plants. (Try to choose products that do not contain chemicals)

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