How to care for cacti - Ideas for gardens and decoration

How to care for cacti – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today we will talk about the care of cacti. If you want to have this type of plant, here are some great tips with which the plant will develop strong and healthy.

Cacti are strong plants, by nature, but poor care can lead to death. That is why we have to think that cacti may require certain care that we must give them, remember that it is a plant from desert areas, with extreme climates.

With some simple care, it will grow strong and vigorous … for example, for the substrate, look for a sandy one, with a good level of drainage and that contains little organic matter.

Do not fertilize them with mulch, black earth or any other preparation, remember that it is not necessary to enrich the soil excessively.

Another indispensable task but that we have to do rarely, irrigation. Remember that they are plants accustomed to extreme climates, so we will water them normally every 15 days.

The sun and the air are very important, because it is a plant accustomed to the outside … and although it does not need excessive water given its natural conditions … if it will need a lot of sun and good air circulation.

When it is too cold it may be convenient to introduce it inside the house, once the station is over we can take it to the balcony, terrace or garden.

One thing that many of us do not know is that the cactus also helps to purify the environments by absorbing the electronegativity that computers and televisions give off, among others.

As you can see the rules are simple when it comes to having a cactus. Decorate your home with some of them, there are impressive varieties of cactus to help in the decoration.

It is very easy to decorate with them since we have them in different sizes and shapes, in addition you can always add more color using cheerful pots and combining the types of cactus.

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