How to care for Orchids

Today I leave some tips to learn how to care for Orchids or at least try. Many of us love these flowers, as they are truly ornamental both in outdoor and indoor places. If you also have orchids, here are some tips.

Remember that caring for orchids, these elegant and beautiful plants, will help you to look simply beautiful. Remember also that these tips are general, as there are many species of orchids and some will need other special or extra care.

The great variety of colors and shapes, gives this plant a special place within the decoration. Remember that these plants can live even on the branches of other different plants. You can also plant them in soil or in pots, provided they have adequate soil. You may think that orchids are very delicate, but if you know them well you will distinguish some basic care.

As advice to take care of orchids I recommend that the soil where you put them has a good drainage and is also well paid and that it is porous. Procra, once a month, fertilize your orchids with a substrate rich in organic matter.

On the other hand, the location of the plant must be in places that are protected from excessive air, but protect them with plastic because they do not smell good. In addition the place should be very bright but without receiving the sun directly for a long time. On the other hand its ambient temperature should be about 20 degrees, to do well, between a minimum of 12 degrees and a maximum of 30.

When you water you should do it with water at room temperature and try not to be very hard water. Water your orchid once a week in winter and once every two days in summer, in common, but some require other irrigation needs. The earth must be moist and fresh. As you see with these cares your plants will be perfect and you have orchids?

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