How to care for Poinsettia or Christmas flower?

Although until a couple of weeks ago you probably didn't care, Right now there are many who wonder about the tricks that are needed to take care of Poinsettia, either because they bought it for Christmas, or also because they fear that a family member or friend, knowing their taste for plants and the arrival of the holidays, presents them with a copy of this species, traditional from the end of year.

The famous poinsettia

As we said, taking care of Poinsettia is much simpler than it seems, because it is neither more nor less than the one also known as “Christmas Plant”, Pastora, Pascuero, Christmas Eve or Poinsettia, so you see that the options are many. In any case we always refer to the same thing, a deciduous shrub of the Euphorbiaceae family that can reach three meters high, and that has very striking leaves, such as those in the image.

Christmas Stock Images

And how do I take care of Poinsettia?

When thinking about taking care of Poinsettia, there are above all some small details that we must take into account in this cold season, such as preventing it from being near air currents, or near radiators and stoves. Besides that, If you want it to remain healthy in spring, you should be able to reach it when it reaches an average height of 20 centimeters and place it in a room that has a lot of natural light at your service.

Known those details, irrigation when taking care of Poinsettia is really important, because we have to look specifically at doing it carefully, it is not necessary to wet the leaves or the flowers of this delicate species, and it should not be too full of water. In fact, if it turns black, the watering should be suspended immediately, and always be sure that the ground has not flooded or is close to doing so.

Is it clear to you how to take care of Poinsettia? If you have any questions, you tell us in the comments and we will answer them.

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