How to care for the Money Plant

How to care for the Money Plant

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about the basic care of the Money Plant.

Once we have talked about this wonderful plant, we have analyzed it a bit.

Today we just want to give some tips to take care of this beautiful plant, ideal for decorating our favorite corners.

Having a plant of so much mysticism, causes to believe in good luck in the economic field, this is not bad. As much as if you think good luck attracts, as if you have it because you like it to decorate, here are some good tips.

The Plectranthus Australis, commonly known as the Money Plant, is a copy of the most beautiful we can place suspended in the air.

It has an unparalleled beauty, dense foliage and we can also reproduce it through cuttings very quickly.

Its thick leaves are green and have a simple maintenance and care.

This exotic plant should be placed in a very well lit place, if it can be in semi-shade. It is true that you can keep well in the shade, but it does not tolerate direct sunlight, as it ends up drying.

If we talk about the temperature, the ideal will be an average. Environments that are too dry or temperatures above 27 degrees, environments that have heating … all this can seriously affect the health of our plant.

It also happens with temperatures that are too cold, extreme … after 5 degrees it can affect the plant.

The irrigation will be in times of heat between two and three times in a habitual way, do not let it dry but do not drown it.

In winter water once or twice, so we will maintain a constant humidity … but not excessive. Otherwise we can cause fungal diseases to the plant.

Finally if you want to know when to pay the plant, we tell you that you can do it every two weeks. In this way we will guarantee the health and proper development of the plant itself.

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