How to care for your plants in March

During the month of March (in the Northern Hemisphere) your plants should receive some special care. Today we will refer to it.

During the month of march Spring begins and the plants will slowly give you all the splendor necessary to brighten your garden, the flowers will appear and the bulbs will grow amazingly, including those of Iris, Crocus, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips, Muscaris.

These will be the first flowers of the year and for their duration we can enjoy them for a long time. When the flowers dry or get ugly you should cut them, so that the leaves of their surroundings do not need to.

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<p style=The time has come to dig up the bulbs, wash them well and remove the earth, and keep them in a cool and dark place until you have to plant them again.

You will notice that the days have begun to lengthen, and although the danger of frost still continues to be a bit cold, it has almost disappeared, although they should continue watering from mid-morning until the early hours of the afternoon.

When you are approaching the end of March you can start removing the winter covers, digging at the foot of the bushes and fertilizing the earth to give them new nutrients to face next season.

At the beginning of spring is the ideal time to culminate with the rose planting and of the fruit trees, prune the vines and the currants.

In the oldest rose bushes you will have to suppress the weakest and oldest branches. In the case of rose bushes it is better to prevent than to cure the diseases for which it is advisable to treat them every two or three weeks with specific products to avoid diseases caused by aphids or fungi.

Among the plants you can start deal with fungicides We found the laurels, citrus, evonimus lagerstroemia. We advise you to place the products in the early morning or late afternoon, avoiding rainy and windy days.

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