How to clean the clay pots

How to clean the clay pots

Cleaning the pots is a good system to prevent possible pests or diseases from sticking to each other. If you have clay pots, today I leave some steps for you to learn to clean them. It may be the first time you clean a pot and you may know how to do it, but anyway I leave you the steps to follow.

For the most unexpected, I tell you that clay pots are good ornamental solutions. Its rustic style is ideal for environments of this type of decoration, you can also find them both for interior, and to decorate beautiful exteriors.

If the pot is broken, it is best to buy a new one. But if the pot is fine to continue using, you can clean it. To do this take a brush whose bristles are medium hard, remember that it is a good idea to remove all the soil that has the pot almost integrated into the material. Try to remove all dirt, using the brush.

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<p>After this, we will sand the entire pot. In this way we can recover the entire surface that was once porous. It is a good idea, also the pot will be like the first day. After this the walls of the pot, the inner walls of the same, we have to cover it with a special resin. Apply one hand and, when dry, apply another.</p>
<p>Finally and when the pot is very dry, rinse it with plenty of water. In this way we will eliminate all types of waste that has remained inside it. To finish, let it dry and go. Now you can plant or transplant any plant you have at home and thus decorate many areas of your home.</p>
<p>Do not throw the pots, refuse them but always taking the necessary precautions … so they will not be hit by possible diseases or perhaps a pest that we do not see. I hope you find it very useful.</p>
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